Search engine optimization is an effective way to organize your website for listingOn Page Search Engine Optimization

Having a well designed website is great, but what if nobody can find it? There are simple strategies or search engine optimization [SEO for short] that can be used so you don’t have to put your business to the guillotine.

We have devised an effective multi-level Search Engine Optimization process which will improve your website’s ranking on major search engine results pages.

Our techniques follow the webmaster guidelines of MSN, Google, Yahoo and other search engines. We only use ethical and legal methods to effectively enhance your website’s visibility and traffic.

Search Engine Optimization is performed on three levels:

  1. Keyword Strategy
    This first stage is very important. We will determine here the keywords the Internet users will find you with, using the most popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN or . Of course those keywords will be directly related to your website, location of your business, your services or your products, and will be compared to your competitors websites. For example WTWeb Design is located in Perth Western Australia. While we can and do service clients from other states and countries we have optimized our website to capture the numerous searches for Joondalup web designers, Fremantle web design and Western Australia web hosting services just to name a few.
  2. HTML and Content Optimization
    Directly resulting from the first step, your webpage optimization consists of placing the previously chosen keywords inside your content with some specially chosen HTML tags. This will provide the search engines with what they are looking for – relevant content. They in turn will place your key words in their search engines’ databases returning you laser targeted traffic. Likewise our WTWeb Design also includes relevant content within posts and pages to capture local traffic in Western Australia.
  3. Directory Submission
    To enhance your pages’ popularity, we will submit your website to directory’s which creates unique backlinks pointing back to all pages of your website. This is the most labor intensive part of the SEO process as we often need to submit your information manually to stay compliant with the anti-spam policies that many of these directories employ nowadays. This process will establish a strong foundation for your website’s visibility. By creating many one way back links leading to your website it improves search engine ranking and establishes you as an expert in your line of business. WTWeb Design has also completed search engine optimization with directory submissions, many articles, social web 2.0, press releases and videos which give us numerous backlinks with relevant search phrases. This is why you found us so easily. Let us impliment this for your website either as a new web design or as a webdesign makeover.

Search Engine Optimization will ultimately establish you and your business as an expert in your occupation.

Need Help?

If you don’t feel up to buying a copy of Search Engine Optimization for Dummies and learn Search Engine Optimization for yourself or learn how to use the Google Free SEO Tools, Pay Per Click advertising maybe a better option. Either way to get started call …..

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