local email marketing programAustralian small businesses are struggling. What they WANT is more customers. A local email marketing program could be a viable solution.

The unfortunate reality is advertising costs are rising. Even small ads can cost hundreds of dollars and bring in few new customers.  The catch 22 that many business owners face on a daily basis of not being able to afford the advertising is sadly slowly putting many of them out of business.

A Local Email Marketing Program Is A Simple Answer

Most businesses walk right past their most valuable resource. Their existing customer base. If a small business were to simply collect the name and email address of each of their customers they would have access to an incredibly valuable resource.

The biggest challenge for the small business owner is finding the time to do it. Which is where we come in. Appoint us as your Local Email Marketing Manager and we will do it all for you from $197 a month.

We can even set it all up [including your first campaign] for you from $550 and you can run it yourself.

Compared to the cost of a newspaper ad this makes local email marketing to your customer database an incredibly affordable alternative. And as you’ll soon discover, much more effective than anything else you can do.

Creating A Local Email Program Makes Sense

$200 spent contacting your former customers is MUCH more profitable than $200 spent on an ad read by people who’ve never heard of you.

Our guess is most of your existing customers would be very happy to go come back on a more regular basis if they had a good experience and a little incentive.

Right now they DON”T because you are not keeping in touch with them.

The affordable and easy way for every small business to get repeat customers and get them coming back is to send them your offer via email. We call this our local email marketing program.

We know we appreciate receiving special offers via email from places where we already spend our money.

The WT “Local Email Marketing” program will help you with suggestions to attract and retain your clients. By the time your emailed customer gets in touch with you, they know the price, they know the deal and they are ready to take advantage of the special offer you have made them that only an idiot would refuse.

It’s A No Brainer

To prove the effectiveness of local email marketing to you we are happy to offer you a 30 day free trial of our program.  We’ll start the 30 day clock after the first email goes out since that is when you will start to see results.

We know this is a compelling offer to outsource and honestly believe there are only two reasons why any business owner would turn turn us down …

1) They think it’s a good idea and they will get their spouse or kid on the job or

2) We think they are being stupid.  We’re not saying they ARE stupid We’re saying they are making a stupid decision. We say that because we know how much work there is in running a good autoresponder.

The Risk Is All Ours

If at the end of 30 days you decide to stop using our local email marketing program – No problem. You pay nothing. Call Simon Smith your perth website designer today in Western Australia on 0408 945048 and book a complimentary site visit to learn more about our affordable email marketing alternatives.


“This service is a great value–the amount you charge for the program is more than reasonable for the value of the ideas and support. I would recommend this to any savy business owner who is looking to save their time and money” Owen T