top quality autorespondersCapturing the name and email details of your visitors should be your No.1 priority. This is best done with top quality autoresponders.

It has been our experience that every person you have on your email list equals $1 in revenue monthly. So if you have 1000 on your list you could expect your revenue to be around $1000. Having 10,000 would mean $10,000 per month in revenue.

So when we say email messaging remains the bread-and-butter of website owners you soon understand the importance of having top quality autoresponders ready to send your follow up letters and offers to potential customers/buyers and/or prospects..

It takes, on average, 7 visits to a website or 7 exposures from top quality autoresponders before a prospect decides to purchase.

When you capture a prospect into your top quality autoresponders you are then able to educate them as to why they might need the product you are promoting. 98% who visit your website will never return and/or purchase your product on the 1st visit. This improves to around 80% when the prospect has received between 8 and 12 email messages from you.

This is why it is now commonly accepted that it is much more important to promote your capture page and build a list of subscribers than it is to promote your product website.

This makes setting up your autoresponder campaign the most crucial step towards making money as an internet marketer.

How Do Top Quality Autoresponders Help You?

  • saves time by automating the follow-up process
  • boosts profit by closing more sales
  • builds credibility by being consistent with prospects
  • beats your competition: 90% of businesses do not follow-up with prospects
  • builds loyalty by communicating with your customers

There are basically three types of autoresponders: desktop type, locally hosted (server-based) and third-party services. The first two types will require you to install some software either on your hard drive or your website server respectively. There are many paid and free autoresponder packages like this available on the Internet.

While you maybe thinking it is a great one time investment to purchase one of these autoresponder packages think again. The biggest disadvantage of these is that they are very prone to getting blacklisted, especially if you are bulk mailing and using no-opt-in-required setting.

Once, blacklisted your e-mail will no longer be delivered to your prospects. Being on a blacklist is a real pain in the neck and it is almost impossible to get taken off this list. Let me tell you from first hand experience that being placed on a blacklist is devastating and does result in losing sales and/or sign ups. This alone is a sufficient reason to pay the monthly membership fee for a reliable third party autoresponder service.

Third Party Autoresponders

A reputable Third-party service eliminates the possibility of your email address getting blacklisted because of spam complaints. Apart from that a well-run autoresponder will also have these features:

  • High deliverability (or delivery rate)
  • Ability to personalize group emails
  • Easy and automated subscribe, unsubscribe, and duplicate check functions
  • Easy to set up capture pages linked to the autoresponder
  • Controlling multiple mailing lists from one control panel
  • Each campaign can handle a large number of subscribers
  • Ability to add your own custom fields to your forms
  • Ability to import existing leads
  • Cycling prospects through all your different campaigns
  • Use of simple tracking codes to see which of your capture pages works best
  • Spam-check to make your messages more spam filter friendly
  • Ability to track links within your messages for click-through rates

After trying many of the mainstream autoresponder services I finally settled on Aweber. They have the best delivery rate and features for the serious website marketer. Their customer support is second to none. Best of all they are consistantly coming up with new ways to keep me and my team at the cutting edge of technology.

As your list grows significantly you will appreciate having the ability to “Blast” a global message out to your list with confidence and see statistics on whether it was delivered and opened.

Aweber Streets Ahead And No Competition In Sight


AWeber is $19.95/month (discounts if you pay for the whole year — the best option)

Affiliate Program

AWeber pays 20% on the first level sales and 10% of the second level sales each month.

Summary Of The Advantages

AWeber – feature-rich; highest deliverability; best thank you pages and subscription confirmation pages

Ready To Get Started?

If you think your current website could benefit from implimenting top quality autoresponders as part of your marketing strategy or maybe you need a new website design then contact WT Web Design to discover how much money you are leaving on the table. It’s better in your pocket than theirs. Getting started is easy just book a complimentary site visit or flick me an email.

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